User Interface - Powerful yet Simple Design

Our goal—to create the shortest path to whatever you want to do

True useability is not about features (even though we have them), it’s about ease of access to those features. Too many options leads to confusion.

We've even deleted the home page. In fact we never had one. We figured that most users open up to one place, to do one thing, most of the time (like watch tv). So we thought, why not make that the start. And we have.

With the interface already assembled, the integrator has the flexibility to customise zone and device order (on the interface), commands, buttons and macros, and also remove or blank out buttons.

There are no limits to the number of appliances and devices that can be controlled in each zone, and no limits to the number of zones that can be added to each system.

Navigation through the interface is easy too. Select a room, then select a device you'd like to control, and there you are. Other devices like television sets, set top boxes, projectors and screens that are required to be on to operate the system, can all be activated to follow, with that single button-press.