Blink was formed for the express purpose of creating a new and different kind of control solution for the residential and commercial market

It's taken almost four years of development and we've created a powerful system that has scalability and interoperability at the essence of its design.

Blink has been forged in the virtual foundries of numerous seemingly disparate software platforms in order to accomplish what many would say was impossible. We've prototyped countless iterations of software and graphical user interfaces, tested with end-users and integrators, to find the most balanced, efficient and elegant solution to date. It hasn't just been in terms of what it looks like and how it performs, but also the ease of configurability for the integrator, and the long term ability for Blink to grow as your needs evolve.

We've thought long and hard about the brief, and worked long and hard to make a product that we could be proud of—it's called Blink.