From Sci Fi to Wi-Fi

We're here to make the automation and touchscreen control of your home an affordable reality—a science fiction until now.

Our goal has been to use familiar technologies to accomplish what used to exist only in the movies, or very expensive, high-end automation systems that required bespoke customisation and programming. 

We are the connective tissue that brings together all the parts of your home that can be externally controlled, in one unified system of interface and command. We are the surface, the medium, the software. We are the intelligence that makes this dream possible.

  • By using your wi-fi network to transport the control signals around your home we have removed the need for proprietary RF wireless networks. Some manufacturers claim their networks are far more energy efficient than a wi-fi network, but really, most, if not all of our everyday communications in the home relies on a wi-fi connection to the internet. So why have another kind of network you don't need, that will consume more power. We use your wi-fi to do more.
  • We also like that Apple have created an entirely new category of touchscreen device that has supplanted the role of dedicated touchscreen controllers. In a Blink System, the iPhone and iPad accomplish much of what a dedicated touchscreen controller used to do, for significantly less outlay. Not only that, we use the processor onboard the iPhone or iPad to drive the system. Not so long ago, this would have been performed by very powerful and very expensive central processors in higher-end automation systems. Not with us. We do more, with less, without compromising performance.

Our innovation is timely, and we're just getting started.